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Fighting big pharmaceutical companies, major manufacturers or insurance companies can be overwhelming. You need someone you can trust. Aaronson and Rash, PLLC will help you seek justice and prevent others from experiencing the same pain and suffering you have. Our attorneys and lawyers primarily focus on product liability and defective products.

Attorney Chad Aaronson or attorney Ron Rash will personally be involved in your case, walk you through the steps and strive to get you justice. You won’t be stuck talking only to an assistant or wondering what the lawyer is doing. We’ll work directly for you.

Aaronson and Rash PLLC is a Houston law firm accepting clients from across the United States. We offer personal attention that you won’t find at other law firms. If you’re looking for attorneys that will visit with you, give you one-on-one attention and keep your best interest in mind, Aaronson and Rash, PLLC is that law firm.