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Consumers have a right to know that the products they purchase are safe for use and won’t cause injury or illness. All risks associated with the use of the product should be clearly detailed on the product label. Consumer laws in the United States protect citizens from dangerous or predatory companies. Although there are restrictions imposed on manufacturing companies to ensure that they create products that are safe for consumers, sadly, not all products are safe or defect-free.

Every company has a responsibility to keep consumers safe from harm and to adequately warn consumers of any inherent dangers in their products. However, defects may exist from the original design of the product, may arise during manufacture and assembly, or may even come about during shipping, distribution, or sitting on a store shelf.

No matter when the defect arose, if you have been injured by a defective product, the responsible company is directly accountable. Our product liability lawyers can help you fight for your legal rights. We’re currently taking claims for the following:

Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Legal

Talcum Powder

In recent years, it has become customary for women to dust their private parts, underwear and sanitary napkins with talcum powder, a practice associated with cleanliness and freshness. However, when used on or near the genitals, particles can travel into the ovaries and remain there for years, causing inflammation and leading to the growth of cancer cells. A study by a Harvard doctor estimates that talc in hygiene products may be a contributing factor in the development of ovarian cancer in as many as 10,000 women each year.