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Bair Hugger Warming Device Lawsuit

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If you or a loved one had surgery that used a Bair Hugger blanket and developed a bacterial infection or other injury, you could be entitled to compensation. Our Bair Hugger lawsuit attorneys are reviewing cases. Please call our office at 1 (800) 515-1496 for a free case evaluation.

Bair Hugger Warming Device
A Bair Hugger is a medical device used to warm patients during before, during and after surgery. When a person undergoes surgery, his body temperatures drop because of anesthesia. The Bair Hugger warming device regulates the patient’s body temperature. The Bair Hugger is a forced-air warming blanket. The blanket is used over the patient’s body. Warm air is blown through a hose into the Bair Hugger blanket to keep the patient warm. When looking at the blanket, you may think it looks similar to a pool raft.

The blanket was developed two decades ago by Dr. Scott Augustine, a Minnesota anesthesiologist. Millions of surgery patients have been kept warm by the Bair Hugger. Dr. Augustine now believes the Bair Hugger is causing infections instead of preventing them especially for patients receiving implant devices like artificial heart valves and joints. The Bair Hugger was originally manufactured by Augustine’s former company Arizant. 3M purchased Arizant in 2010.

Problems with Bair Hugger Blankets
In a New York Times article, Dr. Augustine said the forced air used to warm the blankets can spread bacteria associated with hospital-acquired infections. The bacteria contaminated air is in then deposited into a person’s implanted device or open surgical wound causing severe infections.

Multiple lawsuits have been filed against Bair Hugger. A federal lawsuit was filed in Kansas alleging the Bair Hugger warming blanket caused a patient to be infected with the potential deadly MRSA bacteria during a knee replacement surgery. The patient had to have his leg amputated. According to the lawsuit, hot air escapes below the surgical table and then the escaped air creates warm, rising airflow currents that deposit the bacteria from the surgical floor to the surgical site.

A Texas patient also filed a lawsuit after he developed a deep joint infection following a total hip replacement surgery that used the Bair Hugger blanket. The patient required 15 surgeries and is now severely disabled and in pain. The lawsuit states the warm air collected below the operating table, collected germs and blew directly onto the patient’s hip replacement device.

Bair Hugger Infections
If you or a loved had surgery and developed severe infections, please contact our attorneys at Aaronson and Rash for a free case evaluation. You can reach us at 1-800-515-1496 or by filling out the case form on this page.